Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm posting way more Star Trek stuff than I ever intended...

Okay, so this isn't a Star Trek blog. Seriously. I am not a Trekkie (Or a Trekker. Or a virgin). As I have explained before, I liked the original 1960s series a whole lot, but liked each subsequent iteration of the franchise less and less until basically I considered the whole thing as silly as most regular people do.

Still, the new movie has
me. I'm excited. I'm psyched. Every new photo and detail looks retro-cool and so much fun. And recently, there's been a whole bunch more new stuff hitting the Interwebs about the flick.

Take this photo of the new Enterprise from Entertainment Weekly, for instance:

It's pretty awesome. It looks like the Enterprise, but it has a jaunty flair to it.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, director JJ Abrams has screened a few scenes of the flick to some lucky audience members, and you'll find some blow by blow, spoiler heavy descriptions here, and here.

Look, I think that personally, long-time fans might not love every single thing about this film, and if there's one thing fans do, it's find one completely insignificant continuity mistake or change and harp about until the end of time. However, for an audience of newbies, and people who don't give a crap and just want a good time, this could be a lot of fun.

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