Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TR2N just got cooler.....which wouldn't be too hard, really

They are planning a sequel to Tron. Okay, first things first: Tron kicked fucking ass. Anyone who says otherwise probably molests collies. I'm just saying. Hating Tron means the terrorists win.

, then I heard that they were going to make a sequel. Hmm, totally uncalled for, but okay. As long as they don't make it completely lame and retarded. Oh, they're going to call it TR2N? Well, those expectations were dashed pretty fuckin' quickly, weren't they?

I was five years old when Tron came out. I loved it. I'm pretty sure that if a sequel came out the very next year, I would have lost my little six year old mind. 'Cause six year olds don't know shit. But if that sequel had been called TR2N, my six year old self would have turned to my mom and said, "That's bullshit, mommy."

First off, TR2N is not even a word. And the number 2 does not sound like an O (in case you're aiming for a 2 Fast 2 Furious type of thing). Nor does the number 2 look like an O. Basically it's a title that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. How do you buy a ticket for this thing at the box office? "One for Tr-two-en, please" because that's how it reads phonetically.

Well, Tr-two-en just got exponentially cooler. Bruce Boxleitner, it has just been announced over Aint it Cool, has signed on. Who's Bruce Boxleitner, you may ask? Well, for those that don't know, he was muthafuckin' Tron, bitches. Also, he was Scarecrow.

So, you know, it's edging closer to obtaining my interest. If they get Jeff Bridges, then I'll be sold. I just really hope they don't get this guy:

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