Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Comic Observations: A Sgt. Rock and a Hard place (HA-HA!......pun)

For about as long as I can remember, there has been talk of a movie adaptation of the Sgt. Rock comic book. It's odd, because, aside from the justly legendary artwork by seminal Rock artist and comic book god Joe Kubert, I cannot recall a single solitary story detail from the series.

It's one of those series that everyone has a ton of nostalgia for, and has a great central character, but almost no one can recall any great story lines or really any sort of definitive take on the character. Sure, Kubert's art was incredible, and it was popular enough to debut in 1959, and continue regular appearances and his own series until 1989.

But, for some reason, he's always been a hot property in Hollywood. They've never been able to crack that particular nut, though, even with countless writers, producers and stars like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger attached (back in the day when a freakishly muscled Austrian could realistically be expected to play an average American Joe in WWII - don't know if you recall, but the US Army wasn't exactly wild for Austrians during that time period).

Well, now they think they've solved it; take the whole thing into the future! Yep, apparently the one thing missing from their previous attempts were lasers (pew-pew)! Only Hollywood would attempt to adapt a popular property from another medium by changing almost everything that made it popular in the first place. Case in point:

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