Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Top Ten Coolest American TV Themes - Part 1

I'm feeling a little nostalgic these days, looking for a trip down memory lane. I was thinking the other day, while watching House, that it's one of the few American TV shows with an actual theme song anymore. That kind of sucks, actually, so let's return to those thrilling days of yesteryear and enjoy part one of my personal top ten old theme songs:

10 - Barney Miller

Barney Miller Opening Theme - The funniest home videos are here

Okay, first off, that bass line opening is super-cool. And there's something just ballsy about making a sitcom about the corruption-rife, totally broke, drowning in crime NYPD of the 1970s and NOT having it be too depressing for words.

9 - The Streets of San Francisco

And then there's this theme, which I think just kicks ass with its brassy horns and stern announcer. How is it possible Karl Malden used to be kind of badass?

8 - Three's Company (sort of)

Yeah, yeah, this isn't the actual opening. I couldn't find it. It's bizarre. Still, this put you perfectly in the mood for this frankly ridiculous sitcom.

7 - Peter Gunn

Sorry, you'll have to wait til the end to get the theme, but it's worth it. The epitome of laid back cool from Henry Mancini.

6 - Knight Rider

And our first entry where the them song if infinitely more sophisticated, atmospheric and compelling than the show itself. The synth stuff is awesome, and makes the show (which if you watch it now seems to be written for the borderline retarded) so fucking cool.

See you soon for the final five!


TimeLords said...

Some interesting choices. Since it's a personal list, I won't quibble, but rather present a list of what I think are some of the greatest themes. My only rule was, it had to happen within my own lifetime (The Quantum Leap Rule).

In no particular order (just cause I didn't have time):
-Barney Miller
-Dukes of Hazard
-Magnum PI
-Battlestar Galatica (original)
-Star Blazers
-Doctor Who
-Greatest American Hero (laugh if you want but it was so popular it charted to No 2 in the US)

Nerdlinger said...

Some good choices! The second half of my top ten actually feature a few of those (except for Doctor Who and Star Blazers, excluded due to being non-American shows)