Friday, July 16, 2010

Sorkin to Make Directorial Debut

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Sorkin has acquired the film rights to Andrew Young's expose of his time working as one of John Edwards' closest confidants, and will make the project his directorial debut.

The Politician focused on the ethical dilemmas Young found himself in once Edwards began asking him to help cover up his extramarital affair and the child that was born as a result of the affair.

Sorkin commented:

This is a first-hand account of an extraordinary story filled with motivations, decisions and consequences that would have lit Shakespeare up. There's much more to Andrew's book than what has been reported, and I'm grateful that he's trusting me with it.

Sorkin, the writer of A Few Good Men, The American President, Charlie Wilson's War, and the upcoming David Fincher film The Social Experiment, is also the mind behind such television shows as The West Wing and Sports Night.

This material sounds like a very good fit for Sorkin, but I'm not sure that he'll make the best director. He often works with Thomas Schlamme, a gifted TV director who should get back to doing films, and I can't help but think this would make a good project for the pair.

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