Friday, September 24, 2010

First Look at Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

Recently there has been a whole ton of Captain America stuff leaking to the net. There has been some set walk throughs from over in England:

and a video of scene being filmed:

By the way, I love the gasps from the people watching who obviously weren't expecting that last bit!

Until now though, no one had gotten the big matzo ball; a shot of Chris Evans in the role. And while the photo below doesn't show him in costume, it does show that anyone worried about whether or not Evans could get fit enough to carry off the role of the peak human physical perfection, this puts all doubts firmly to rest.

Holy jeez, look at that guy. Now, that is absolutely how Steve Rogers should look. And for those of you wondering why his clothes are so tight, I would bet that this scene takes place just after he goes from skinny Steve to Super-Soldier. Also, his weird feet? Those are prosthetics they give to actors when they have to run barefoot over rough terrain in scenes. Steve Rogers is not a hobbit.

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