Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reaction to Season Debut of "Doctor Who" Pours In

The first two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who had its first press screening last night, and reaction has started to pour in.

Patrick Mulkern of the Radio Times had this to say:

We sat pinned to our seats for 90 minutes or so of electrifying, bamboozling television, which might just be also the most unsettling since the series came back in 2005...The chills are leavened with laughs (the Doctor flits through history, upstages a timeless comedy duo, and dubs his chums "the Legs, the Nose and Mrs Robinson"). River makes two spectacular entrances. There's a new use for dwarf star alloy (conceived 30 years ago in Warriors' Gate, it enchained one of The Family of Blood in 2007). And the number 1,103 may be significant.

(Show Runner Steven) Moffat ladles mystery upon mystery, so that by the end we're gagging for answers. The second instalment concludes with a mouthwatering cliffhanger.

Tom Phillips of Metro wrote this:

It’s about five minutes into the first episode, The Impossible Astronaut, when the first jaw-dropping thing happens - and before the second episode, Day Of The Moon, is over, we’ve had at least two more series-changing revelations and a dizzyingly twisty, tightly-packed story that contains so many future plot threads, red herrings, teases and unsolved puzzles that there’s a chance its broadcast will actually make the internet catch fire...Make no mistake, this isn’t easy, switch-your-faculties-off entertainment - it’s big, dark, impressively ambitious, dazzlingly executed entertainment that demands and repays your full attention.

And finally, here's what the Guardian had to say:

In truth the opening episode of the two-parter took a while to warm up, but a fiendishly complicated plot – it is probably not a spoiler to suggest it involves time-travelling – required no end of exposition. But by the end of the first episode it had drawn gasps and applause in almost equal measure...

It looks like Moffat and company have delivered a fantastic opener that could lead to one amazing season. I can't wait for April 23rd.

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