Friday, June 14, 2013

"The Newsroom" Returns July 14th With More Self-Righteousness!

Feeling like there's not enough self-righteous indignation on our airwaves? Do you think that all the American media is missing is a show where journalists can see how great the news would be if they just did it with integrity, darn it? Think that the liberal way is the best way?

Then rejoice, because The Newsroom is returning to HBO for a second season on July 14th!

I'm kidding, I actually love this show, and I'm psyched that, after its rocky reception, it's coming back.

I'm an Aaron Sorkin fan, and an unapologetic one. There are tons of criticisms you can level at the guy's work, for sure. It is arrogant. It is unabashedly liberal. He does recycle dialogue and ideas. There is a nostalgic paternalistic streak to it. And I can even see how people can call his stuff a little misogynistic, though I also think he created CJ Cregg, one of the great women characters in the last twenty years or so, so I'm not sure more isn't being read into this issue than actually exists. I do hope they make Maggie a better character this season though. She was written like a complete moron last year, and she is probably the single biggest fuel to the whole "Aaron Sorkin hates women" thing when it comes to this show. He's a better writer than the stuff he was giving her to do last year.

But I don't care. He's a master of the rhythm of speech, not in a realistic way, but in a musical way. He can structure a story exceptionally well. He has a love of screwball comedy, particularly the romantic aspects of that genre, and if you love that as I do, then it's a very good thing.

Here's the trailer for the second season:

I'm excited. And for all those who hate this show and it's liberal bias, feel free to not watch it.

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