Saturday, January 3, 2009

Matt Smith is the Doctor

Well, it's official; 26 year old Matt Smith will take over the role of the Doctor from outgoing actor David Tennant following the last of this year's specials.

Smith will be the youngest actor to take on the role, the previous record held by Peter Davison, who was 29 when he assumed the role in 1981.

Okay, obviously, this guy doesn't have the world's largest resume, being only 26, but he has made a splash in the London theatre scene. He appeared in History Boys, as well as starring alongside Christian Slater in a West End production of Swimming with Sharks. He has appeared on television alongside Billie Piper in The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North. He also starred in the recent political drama Party Animals.

I personally think he looks more like he should be the lead singer for Good Charlotte than an immortal time lord, but you can read the BBC article about his casting here. Time will tell, I suppose.

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