Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Doctor Visits the Colonies...

After decades of attempts to film an episode of Doctor Who in the US, it looks as if it is finally going to happen in this upcoming season. The classic series set a story or two in the US, but always filmed at the BBC. The show rather famously attempted to shoot on location in New Orleans in the 1980s, but never managed to make it happen. They did however, shoot in locales such as Paris, Lanzarote, Amsterdam and Spain. Then, the 1996 TV Movie filmed in Vancouver, BC, but was set in San Francisco. Since the series returned in 2005, episodes have been set in Utah and New York, but once again were filmed in the UK. The new series has gone on location in Rome, as well as other locales, but never the US.

Now the Beeb has announced that the two-part premiere of the new season will go on location in the US, for a story set in America in the 1960s. From their press release:

In the special two-parter co-produced with BBC AMERICA, key scenes will be filmed in Utah for a story set in the late '60s in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves on a secret summons that takes them on an adventure from the desert in Utah - right to the Oval Office itself.

The premiere will also feature the return of Alex Kingston as River Song, and will be written by show runner Steven Moffat.

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