Thursday, October 28, 2010

First View of Evans in Cap Costume

Entertainment Weekly's web site has posted the first image of Chris Evans in costume as Captain America, along with a preview of their upcoming article on the film. You can spy the pic below:

While Evans is a dead ringer for Steve rogers, the costume is a little modified from the comic book version, but in my opinion in a good way. It would be nice to see the head piece, but that may be in the article itself. All in all, the suit looks a lot more practical than the comic version ever has, and the shield looks like it has real heft and the scratches make it seem like it's really deflected machine gun fire.

With the solid comic-con trailer for Thor not too long ago, combined with how Cap looks to be shaping up, the next few years could be something truly exciting for comic fans. A live-action Marvel Universe. I'm jazzed.

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