Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Avengers Sort-of Assembled!

Over at Aint It Cool, they've got a scoop from The Licensing International Expo in Vegas that shows some early promo art for Marvel's Avengers film, due to be released in 2012.

To be clear, this is early promote art to attract potential merchandisers, not final finished art from the film, so let's not ascribe too much importance here. The cool thing to note is Captain America's revised "modern age" costume, as well as a potential Hawkeye suit, and the presence of a certain Incredible Behemoth. Check it out:

Okay, to me, this is just cool. If I has seen this picture when I was nine, I probably would have lost my fuckin' mind. Now, we just have to see some footage.


Timelords said...

Yeah, saw this today and thought it looked great for some early promo art. Kind-of prefer Hawkeye with a mask, but eh, not a big deal.

Did send me scrambling to look through my comics though. Isn't Cap right-handed, not left? Not in anyways an issue, just struck me for some reason while looking at it and I had to know.
(And no I won't tell you what I found. Look yourself.)

Nerdlinger said...

According to the issues I found, he keeps his shield on his right arm. But, if you think about it, the way Evans has it makes more sense if you're a right handed person. Keep it on your left hand, throw it with your right.

Timelords said...

Evans is wearing it on his RH, and seems to be a lefty on the poster. You would wear the shield on your off arm, and have your "good" hand free(or using a weapon).

Hawkeye is also a definite lefty on the poster, and looks like Thor too.