Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trailer Park - Grumpy General, Magic Butler, Not Bob Dylan and Gump vs. Pirates

Starting a new feature here on the Nerd Report that I'm calling Trailer Park. If you're like me, and you love watching trailers, even bad ones, you'll hopefully enjoy. So, let's dive right in!

First up is Ender's Game:

So, I've never read Ender's Game or any of the novels in that series. There's a few reasons for that, and only some of them have to do with Orson Scott Card's homophobia, which has cost him a number of things, inlcuding a job with DC writing some Superman stories. I will say that this trailer made me somwhat interested in the film, and as my interest level prior to this was absolutely zero, that's an effective trailer. It's very nice to see that someone has slipped Harrison Ford the Geritol he sorely needed. He still looks grumpy, but at least he no longer resembles the other dwarf; Sleepy. Also, man, they are pimping the Acadmey Award nominations in the cast, huh? Pretty shameless attempt to scream, "We're classy!"

Next up is The Butler:

I stand corrected. This is the most egregious attempt to proclaim classiness I've seen in some time. Magic or Saintly African-American? Check. Events of historical significance, hopefully including race relations? Check. Actors impersonating/portraying famous people? Check, like about eight thousand times. If they threw in someone who was mentally challenged, then we'd have a shoo in for best picture. I do love the idea of John Cusack playing Nixon, though.

Next up, there's Inside Llewyn Davis (this one is a Red Band trailer, so NSFW):

The Coens! I just love those guys. So good, and this seems like a little different for them. Are they contractually obligated to use John Goodman in every other film they do? I'm not complaining, mind you, any chance to use Goodman is a no-brainer. I really liked Oscar Isaac in Drive, and the rest of the cast looks amazing.

Finally, we have Captain Phillips:

The true-life story is great, the director is Paul Greengrass, who did the two best Bourne films as well as United 93, and Tom Hanks looks firmly back in his wheelhouse. This could be a little by the numbers, but it's got my interest piqued.

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Timelords said...

The Butler looks interesting. John Cusack as Nixon certainly a bizarre and interesting choice. But all I kept thinking: when is someone going to try to adapt "Benson" for the big screen. Laugh, but think of all the sitcoms that have been done. Scary thought.