Friday, May 17, 2013

Will We Learn "The Name of the Doctor" This Weekend?

This Saturday brings the 50th anniversary season of Doctor Who to a close with the airing of The Name of the Doctor. If you aren't excited by that sentence then I don't know what you're even doing on this site. Seriously. Doctor Who is incredible.

While the show runners have hinted that the finale will solve the mystery surrounding new companion Clara Oswald, the title also suggests that the viewers may learn the answer to the show's longest running mystery; Doctor Who? It's a plot point that has been set up by show runner Steven Moffat for a long time, most explicitly at the conclusion of the previous series.

Personally, I'm a little anxious about this. I've been a huge fan of the show for years. It's my favourite TV show ever. And I'm not sure I ever want to know the Doctor's name. I don't want to learn everything about him. I like his enigmatic quality. You want to know his name? As far as I'm concerned it IS the Doctor. It doesn't matter what name he was born with because "the Doctor" sums him up; he makes things better. That what he does. So finding out his name is Barry is really not going to matter too much to me and only serves to make him more ordinary.

Still, I have a ton of trust in Steven Moffat, so I'm willing to scale down my expectations (hear that, Whovians? Just relax, try not to expect too much, reserve judgement. Your blood pressure will thank you) and wait to see it all unfold.  That includes avoiding the interwebs as, due to an epic fuck up, copies of DVD sets that contain the finale were shipped to customers in the US before the finale has aired! Way to go, shipping guys, enjoy working at Burger King.

Anyway, here's the trailer for The Name of the Doctor.

Looks appropriately epic.

In related news, there had been a ton of speculation in fandom about what is next for the show.

There's going to be a special airing in November, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the show's debut on November 23, 1963. This special is hugely anticipated, as it features not only current Doctor Matt Smith, but also the previous Doctor as played by David Tennant, along with his companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor will not appear, according to both the actor and the BBC. No classic Doctors are appearing, according to official sources. This has caused considerable controversy among fandom.  Some fans understand that the classic Doctors are all considerably older and would look fairly odd running around like they were twenty or thirty years younger and others insist that the special has to include everything and the kitchen sink shoehorned into 90 minutes regardless of whether it makes sense for the story. Can you tell where I fall?

Steven Moffat has also confirmed to Digital Spy that the series will definitely have an eighth series. I didn't realize that there was any doubt about that. The show is a huge global hit for the BBC, so why wouldn't they make more? Knowing the show's history as I do, it's amazing to finally have a BBC that seems to understand how financially important a genre franchise can be when you give it enough attention to prosper as opposed to shitcanning it because the budget YOU decide to give it is too small.

When that series will happen is a little more in doubt, but it's nice to have it confirmed. On a related note, Matt Smith has become a little more forthcoming about whether or not he'll stay on as the Doctor past the 50th special. He is confirmed to do the Xmas special following the 50th, and in this article seems to confirm that he'll be doing series 8 as well. which is great news for me, as I love his interpretation of the Doctor.

So, here's hoping the finale is amazing, as I've got a feeling it'll be a loooooooong wait until November.

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