Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Opening Salvo

So, yeah, I'm a nerd.

Not in a Revenge of the Nerds, pocket-protector, socially maladjusted, virginal sense. That kind of viewpoint is so 20th century.

Nope, I'm pleased to report that in the 21st century, nerds are no longer consigned to the basements of their parents or the "computer labs" at school, where they toil away transcribing Monty Python routines and writing slash fiction where Seven of Nine goes down on Dax. Which Dax? doesn't matter, my friends, doesn't matter.

Now, nerds seem to be in charge of all the stuff formerly run by "cool" people. We have our rock stars (Thom York from Radiohead, Ben Gibbard from Death Cab), TV producers (the entire production team behind Lost), actors (Michael Cera, Elijah Wood, Ellen Page are all kindy geeky), billionaires (uhhh, pretty much every billionaire in the tech industry).

In short, be prepared, all you assholes who used to lock me in my own locker in high school, I have seen the future and it is us.

So, from here on out, I'll be blogging all sorts of things related to the geeky and nerd-like, from new technology to cool music and film and TV. Hopefully I'll be entertaining while doing so.

I'm not doing action figures, though. Seriously, gotta draw a line somewhere.

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