Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Watchmen" Trailer is purty

The Watchmen trailer debuted on Friday, appearing online and ahead of showings of The Dark Knight.

Watchmen has long been one of my favourite pieces of literature, and I'm pretty excited to see it translated to the big screen.

While I really hope it's faithful to the spirit of the book, I have no illusions that every little nuance and plot point is going to make it in. This is one of the things that really irritates me about fandom in general. When something gets adapted from one medium to another, some fans always insist on an unreasonable level of faithfulness to the source.

Take Lord of the Rings. Fans were uspet that Tom Bombadil got cut. Apologies to anyone who loves Tom, but.......no, fuck that, Tom Bombadil sucks. I must have tried to read that book eight times, and every time I got stuck, it was at that part. You got all excited about the quest they're going on, there's a great sense of urgency, and then the story stops as they spend an interminable amount of time with a borderline moron who sings about trees. I finally finished the trilogy after resolving to skip over Tom Bombadil.

Back on point, the trailer looks gorgeous, with scenes that appear to be lifted right from the book. That being said, anyone who has never read it would be completely mystified as to what the hell is going on. Still, I'm excited.

You can view the trailer in all its HD glory here.

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