Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Doctor is in

This Friday, Sept. 19th, Doctor Who returns to CBC for a fourth season. It's been quite a long wait for fans.........unless like most of us, you downloaded the episodes five minutes after they aired in England six months ago.

Now, if you're a fan, you're probably excited to see Voyage of the Damned, the 2007 Christmas special featuring Kylie Minogue that was a huge hit in UK. See, these Christmas specials air before a new season starts, so it's the best place to begin.

Unless you're the CBC, in which case you're telling fans to suck on your balls.

The CBC has had a close relationship with Doctor Who since it relaunched in 2005. The series is "produced in association with" the CBC, which I guess means we're giving them money somewhere along the line. So, it's odd that the CBC has never really seemed to give a shit about the show.

In 2005, things looked so good. We got the show just a few weeks after it aired in the UK. But with each passing season, the series gets scheduled more and more haphazardly. They seem to start airing it whenever they want, with little fanfare or publicity. They don't have any idea what to do with the Christmas specials, which is fucking retarded since the the name "Christmas special" could not be clearer in telling you what time of year you should air the goddamned thing.

It must do resonably well, at least as well as anything does on CBC that isn't Little Mosque... or a Simpsons rerun or Hockey Night in Canada. My wife watches it. My dad and mom watch it. If my dad is aware of you, you must be successful. But my dad always asks me, "When is it starting again?" and I never can give him an answer.

So, it's on this Friday, and I'm looking forward to watching it in glorious HD, and I'm proud that the CBC invests in it, I just wish they were proud of it too.

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