Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Who" Headed for Big Screen?

According to the Sun (which couldn't be a dodgier source), Doctor Who looks to be headed to the big screen.

There have been rumours for quite a while that current Doctor David Tennant, who has led the series to its greatest heights of popularity since its heydey in the 1960s, is a bit reluctant to return to the role. His desire to perform in a stage production of Hamlet was a major factor in the series going on a pseudo-hiatus for 2009, during which there will be only 3-4 specials produced in lieu of a full season.

But after those specials, Tennant's contract is up. The media has speculated that, rather than lose its hugely popular leading man, the BBC is attempting to woo Tennant with a massive 1.5 million pound contract. Now, the word around the playground is that part of the deal may include a foray onto the big screen. It seems a part of Tennant's concern is that the series prevents him from making a concerted stab at big screen roles, and a Doctor Who film may help with that.

It's a good story, but I doubt its veracity beyond rumour-mongering. I mean the article states that there have been two previous big-screen versions of the series, which is true: Peter Cushing starred in two adaptations in the sixties. However, the article claims that the 1996 TV movie was a big screen affair, which it certainly wasn't. You can't trust a news item that won't bother to look up its facts on Wikipedia.

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