Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lantern, Green Lantern...

According to an article in Variety, Casino Royale director Martin Campbell is in talks to direct Warner Bros' adaptation of Green Lantern.

Campbell also directed Goldeneye, the Bond film that was Pierce Brosnan's debut in the role, and the film that reintroduced Bond to audiences after a lengthy absence. So that, combined with Casino Royale, is a plus. He also directed the two Zorro films that starred Antonio Banderas and featured Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Looking for the Mexican in that trio? Well, you mexican't, as there isn't one. Nope. Just a Spaniard, and two people from Wales in a mediocre action franchise. Hopkins stayed away from the second one, and therefore we were spared seeing him try to convince people he's Latino in some way.

So, some pluses and some minuses for sure. Still, it's got to be better than the planned Green Lantern spoof film that was to star Jack Black, right?

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