Thursday, April 9, 2009

In Search of........Fringe

According to a couple of sources, most notably Michael Ausiello over at, the producers of Fringe have landed a legendary sci-fi icon to play Dr. Walter Bishop's former lab partner; none other than Leonard Nimoy!

I know that picture over there is several decades out of date, but if you had this picture, wouldn't you use it no matter how old you got? The man is wearing a neckerchief. Suave, Mr. Nimoy, you were definitely not In Search Of......a sense of style.

Anyhoo, Nimoy will play William Bell, who, in addition to being Bishop's former partner, is also the founder of shadowy multi-national corporation Massive Dynamic. I've always thought Nimoy was actually underrated as an actor; his work as Spock, all kidding aside, was awesome. I also really loved his performance in Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Donald Sutherland. So, I think he'll bring just the right creepy flavour.

As for Fringe itself, I've really enjoyed it so far. The pseudo-science has been enjoyable, and only occasionally so preposterous as to defy belief. The overarching plot is present, but doesn't make the show impenetrable. It's even made me like Joshua Jackson, who gives off a charmingly rakish vibe. So, I'm glad it's doing well and seemingly going to have a second season.

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