Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wow, I watched some sh*%#y cartoons....

Back in the day, when I was a young'un of six or seven, there was a stretch of cartoons that came on Sunday mornings that were so god-awful that it appears I completely suppressed all knowledge of them. Only recently, while trolling youtube for amusing clips of people getting hit in the groin with things (seriously, a ball hits your balls....how is that not classic?), I came across this clip:

I actually watched this insanity. First off, that Cricket is fucking nuts. In fact, the only way to enjoy this is to pretend the Cricket is a "voice" Pinocchio hears in his head, asking him to "do things".

After that creepy half-hour of disturbingly annoying puppetry came this:

I love how this jumps right into complete lunacy. The scarecrow just takes his fricking head off so that the Wizard can fill it with fish in order to make him smarter, but his body walks off. Oddly enough, this is exactly like an acid trip I took when I was 14, except substitute "Wizard" for "Paul Lynde" and "Fish" for "More Acid".

Finally, this animated craptacular ended with this:

I'm sorry, did those lyrics just say: "Softness in his eyes, Iron in his thighs"? Did I just hear that?

God, it's amazing I turned out at all well-adjusted. Let's cleanse our pallets with the following:


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