Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Nerd Report Gallery - Fake Criterion Covers

Hello, all,

For our second installment in our virtual gallery, I've turned to a project going on at different places on the interwebs. A lot of film forum sites have threads that showcase homemade covers for the Criterion Collection. It's pretty much agreed on that Criterion has long held the crown when it comes to consistently amazing package design (Mrs. Nerdlinger, a graphic designer, has heartily concurred on several occasions). The packages that follow are all from The Auteurs website (which, if you're a film buff, is a snooty but awesome site). Enjoy.

An underrated movie, IMO. Nice, moody work.

This cover is so appropriate, but only if you've seen the film. Still, it's great and I literally could see this being their actual release should they ever do it.

This one is not as polished as the previous ones, but there's something about it I really like.

A nice clean design, but it's a little too evocative of Criterion's recent Truffaut boxed set. Still, really well done.

Not a movie for everyone, definitely, and this isn't the best cover, but I'm so awed by Damian Lewis' performance in the flick; I think it's one of the best film performances of the last ten years.

Once again, this design is so perfect for the film, if you've seen it. To be honest, why hasn't Criterion released this?It's right up their alley.

It's weird how many people really love this film. It's a film that not only failed at the box office, but it was openly despised in a lot of reviews. Watching it now, it's just so damn good. The performances, the mood, the rampant paranoia, all of it is masterfully done. It's still a horror flick, but it's one of those horror flicks that has grown beyond the genre. And it's a really pretty cover for such an ugly, downbeat film.

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