Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am not Lebowski, man, you're Lebowski. I'm the Dude.

Over at Ain't it Cool, they've posted a neat little story about a funny thing happening at last night's Lebowski Fest in Seattle. Apparently, Jeff Bridges appeared via satellite in character as the Dude! He was apologizing for not coming in person, but he was stuck in Canada filming the sequel to Tron. A guy attending snapped this picture, which is so awesome I can hardly believe it:

Yep. That's the Dude. In a Tron hat. Bridges is awesome.

On a side note: they have Lebowski Fests?!?!?


RevRad said...

Dude, I was watching Jeopardy the other day, and after the first commercial break, Trebek was chatting up one of the contestants, as is his wont. (This regularly happens on the show, as I'm sure you recall, from all of the Jeopardy beatdowns you suffered at my hands in between the nightly lava death matches between Big John Studd and Machine-Gun legs).

ANYWAYS, this young lady, who was rather comely, in a very nerdy sort of way (she'd make a great guest to your nerdoshere, or whatever this thing is), shared her personal piece of arcane trivia: that she was a regular attendant at the Lebowski Fests. SO there you have it - they do exist.

RevRad said...