Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reynolds cast as Hal Jordan

So, after months of speculation about who would fill the title role in Martin Campbell's Green Lantern film, it's been reported in various news outlets that Ryan Reynolds will don the power ring for Warner Bros.

This comes after months of casting rumours, including Reynolds, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake.

Personally, I think Reynolds is the best choice out of all of them. He's got charm, charisma and has carried films before. Granted none were as big as this, but he's ready now. He'll bring the wit and cockiness that needs to be there for Hal Jordan, but he's also got some hidden depths. Also, he might be the only actor who actually won't need to train to get in prime physical shape; I'm a confidently hetero guy, and even I can acknowledge that his body is totally insane. You could grade cheese on that guy's abs.

Long-time readers will recall that, a while back, I ranked Green Lantern as the number one property that should be adapted to a film, so I'm excited that Warner Bros. is moving ahead with it, and seems to be putting together a good team.

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