Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Have All Lost Our Minds

Example One

Okay, I'm going to direct you to a recent news story to come out of Toronto. Click here to read it.

Done? Okay. What....the...fuck?

Seriously, I'm becoming
more and more convinced that, as a society, we have lost our fucking minds. I've read that article a few times, and I'm still stunned. Basically a principal of a school pulled one of the classics of 20th Century literature because one parent (one) objected to a racial epithet spouted in the book. To Kill A Mockingbird. One of the greatest pleas for racial equality ever written. I'll simplify it for you; the book is about how racism is bad. This ain't Merchant of Venice, which I'll admit is questionable in its racist overtones. This is like censoring a speech by Martin Luther King.

And since when does one parent make a decision
regarding the curriculum of an entire school? When that parent came in and made that demand the principal should have tossed a copy of the novel at them, told them to read it and then to come back a write a fucking book report. Christ, I'd settle for them renting the fucking movie.

"Holy shit, it's Robert Duvall!" is not the only realization you should come to.

This comes on the heels of an ever-increasing stack of evidence that we, as a species, may be, in scientific terms, batshit insane. What evidence you may ask?

Example Two

Well, take a look at the debate that currently rages over health care in the U.S. and you will be treated to the most self-destructive and nonsensical rhetoric outside of a Twilight fan forum run by teenaged cutters.

Look, to be honest, I'm not sure there is a perfect health care system. I live in Canada and there are certainly problems here, even with our highly touted system. First off, the system seems to require more and more funds just to operate every year. It's incredibly expensive, and that cost comes from the taxpayers. Secondly, there are some wait times for non-emergency or non-life threatening care. But if you ask the average Canadian if they'd rather have the health care system they currently have or the system the U.S. currently has (or rather, doesn't have) pretty much every single Canadian would look at you with stark terror in their eyes, slap your face and insist you gag yourself for uttering such crazy-ass bullshit.

I'm not sure that Obama's plan is the perfect one. But when you live in the only country in the developed world that allows its citizens to be financially ruined over health care, surely any sort of plan that helps prevent that is better than what you have? If it's socialism that's bugging you, let me tell you this; you've got public education, you've got public works projects, you've got medicare and welfare and government funded armed forces. Government run health care is no different. And to everyone concerned about the private health care industry, well, I think they've made it abundantly clear over the last few decades that they ain't concerned about you.

Recently, at, Chris Bucholz wrote a very funny satirical piece entitled How Socialized Health Care Works in Canada. Now, it was a comedic piece, and it highlighted how the fear mongering being done by some people in the States regarding our system was insane, and it did so well. But like all things on the interwebs, it made the unfortunate mistake of asking comments from the public without fully realizing that the public are, by and large, out of their goddamned gourds.

Like this one:

True, such a system would provide health care to the millions of people who can’t afford it. And yes, It would probably help lots of old people live even longer. But this brings up a very important question: Why should I care about them? Survival of the fittest. I’m not rich, and honestly I can’t afford health care. But it seems unfair for someone who has worked hard to get the money they have now to have to pay for me to go to the doctor. Besides, Americans would go apeshit if taxes went up.

This guy is a proponent of some sort of Mad Max-type solution where only the strong survive, and the everyone else can,well, die, I guess. Now, I'm used to this conservative view of "help no one but yourself" but note how this guy admits HE CAN'T AFFORD HEALTH CARE. It's a new level of fucked-up-ness to prefer a system whereby you suffer over a system whereby you don't.

Then there's this champ:

It’s very simple. If you want health care get off your dead ass and get a job. I work hard, I have insurance, I shouldn't have to pay for health care for some low-life dead beat who is too lazy or stupid to get a decent job.

Let's leave behind the fact that there are people in the States who have health insurance but get their claims denied all the time, or leave behind the insurance industry practice of approving someone for health insurance, collecting premiums and then, when you file a claim, looking for any evidence to retroactively deny your coverage. Awesome system, let's keep that.

I mean, I know we are all resigned to the fact that there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. But I've never heard of a nation of people choosing death over taxes. And that's crazy.

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