Monday, January 4, 2010

Fire the Wave Motion Gun!

Hello geeks, Happy New Year! we're back online with a very cool news item I recently found while trying to find uplifting stories to ease my sorrow over David Tennant's recent Doctor Who departure (more on that later).

Remember way back when I talked about genre properties that should be adapted by Hollywood? Well, you might recall that one of those properties was an anime series from the 1970s called Starblazers / Space Battleship Yamato.

Well, a teaser trailer has surfaced online for the soon to be released Japanese live action film, and it looks pretty damn kick-ass.

The thing to remember is that this series was massive in Japan back in the day. In fact, after the first season of the series was such a hit, they produced a 90 minute animated film that was released in Japanese theatres. It made more money there than Star Wars. Let that one sink in. Then again, they're also fans of this:

Right. Still, here's the teaser, and while I cannot understand it, it looks pretty kick ass:

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TimeLords said...

Ok, that was the coolest thing I have seen in a while. I hope it gets a sub-titled release in North America. Ah who am I kidding, I'll watch it even if its still in Japanese.