Thursday, January 13, 2011

Andrew Garfield Spins A Web, Any Size...

...catches thieves, just like flies. Hey, there, there goes the Spider-Mannnnnnnnnn. Ahem.

Anyhoo, there's pictures a-poppin' on the Interwebs today, as Ain't It Cool posted the first official pic of new Peter Parker Andrew Garfield all Spideyed-up. Check it out below:

Looks pretty good. First off, it's nice to see they're going with a lean, lithe body on Spidey. That's way more in the spirit of character as envisioned in the comic (and also the gayest sentence I've written on this blog). It is, of course, a little jazzed up, but I don't mind anything they've done, though that huge Spider on the front may prove distracting. Still, the guy looks solidly like Peter, and that's a good thing.

Next, the site also posted a shot of Chris Evans in full Captain America costume:

While this is a shitty scanned photo from a copy of Entertainment Weekly, it's still a somewhat official look at the full costume, and it looks great. It's bright, which is what it would be in WWII, but it looks functional. The shield looks awesome, Evans gives off a good vibe, and I don't even think there are too many belts. Can't have too many belts.

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