Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Look at the Red Skull

Over at Ain't It Cool, they've put up a couple Art Department renderings of what the Red Skull (played by Hugo Weaving) is probably going to look like in the new Captain America film, and he looks pretty bad-ass. Now, we've seen some shots of Weaving in the role prior to this, notably in the shot below, where we see Weaving's Johann Schmidt in a Nazi-esque costume and with Toby Jones as Professor Arnim Zola. I'm a little disappointed they seem, given the patch on Weaving's shoulder, to be going with more of a HYDRA vibe than a Nazi one, but still, looks cool.

This next shot shows what long has been assumed to be the Cosmic Cube, a Marvel artifact rumoured to be first glimpsed in the upcoming Thor film, and in the comics a long time obsession of the Skull's.

Finally, here's the Art Department renderings. The Skull looks awesome. And based on how close the Captain America renderings were to the actual costume, I imagine we'll be seeing something that looks relatively close to this in the final film.

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