Friday, January 14, 2011

Marvel Is Going Insane With the Photos

So, over at Entertainment Weekly, Marvel has released yet more photos of their upcoming films, this time a new shot of Chris Hemsworth in the title role of Thor, and a crisp and clear version of the previously posted Captain America shot.

Here's the Mighty Thor:

And here's a better look at Cap:

How long before people start photo shopping Avengers team shots now?


Timelords said...
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Timelords said...

Don't care a great deal for the helmet on Cap. I'll admit it makes sense that's what he would have, but couldn't they colour it the same blue as the rest of his uniform? Looks strange mismatched like that. Kindof of wish for a bit more of the side wings too. They don't have to be huge, but more than painted stencils.

But overall very well done.

What's up with his junk though. That could get distracting if its like that through the movie.