Wednesday, August 6, 2008

David Tennant makes his RSC debut as Hamlet....doesn't suck.

David Tennant, the star of the hugely successful Doctor Who, made his debut as Hamlet in the Royal Shakespeare Company production, and apparently does not suck (I had faith he wouldn't).

Tennant stars as the melancholy Dane, the mounting of which was part of the reason Doctor Who went on hiatus for 2009, with only four specials being produced.

Interestingly enough, Star Trek's Patrick Stewart co-stars in the dual role of Claudius and Hamlet's father. The production has had a tremendous amount of hype surrounding it, as Tennant is one of the biggest stars in England thanks to his bravura turn as the Doctor in the massively popular series.

Read the Times review.

On a related note, Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood begins its second season this Friday, with a two-hour debut on Space: The Imagination Station (which I fucking hate typing).

It had aired last year on CBC, but the network declined to co-produce the second season, so it airs on Space this year. I sort of enjoyed the first season, but wasn't bowled over. Here's hoping the second year is an improvement.

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