Friday, August 22, 2008

RIP, NBC... has a fantastic article up right now called Fitting Network TV for a Toe Tag. It's both funny, true and contains some of the best ideas on how TV as an industry is changing and will have to adapt to the way we consume media.

Seriously, it's a great article. As a sample, here's a quote from the section dealing with how the major networks, in trying to be all things to all people, are losing out to specialty cable networks with niche programming. It refers to Steve Koonin, Turner Networks president, presenting his fall line-up for the year and totally schooling the four major networks:

"Koonin was brilliant," says Brian Terkelsen, of the brand consultancy MediaVest. "In my opinion, that was the turning point. We'll all look back and say the one riff that he did onstage that week shifted everything for cable and broadcasting. What he did was, he got up there and said, 'If I were to tell you the story of two networks, and one had a talking car and a steroid in a unitard who was beating up an average guy in a game show, and the other had an Academy Award-winning actress in her second season and a Golden Globe winner in her fourth season, which would you think was which?'" Koonin then unveiled slides of the cheesy shows—NBC's Knight Rider and American Gladiators—and the classy ones: TNT’s Saving Grace and The Closer. Point made, brutally. "If anybody in the room didn't think, 'Holy shit! It's all changed,'" Terkelsen says, "they’re morons."


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