Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sci-Fi Tech That Will Kill Us All (3)

This terrifying installment comes to me courtesy of one of my oldest friends, whom I shall call Newman, and is incredibly freaky.

The CTO of Intel, Justin Rattner, delivered the keynote address at last week's Intel Developer Forum. During the address, he talked about the possibilty of creating intelligent robots capable of changing their shape.

Intel is creating fucking Transformers. And while I hope that that they will be as wise and cool as Optimus Prime, let's face it, they'll probably be as evil as Megatron. Or as annoying as Starscream.

From the address:

What if those machines had a small amount of intelligence, and they could assemble themselves into various shapes and were capable of movement or locomotion? If you had enough of them, you could create arbitrary shapes and have the assembly of machines that could take on any form and move in arbitrary ways.

The article goes on to mention that that these robots would be about the size of gain of sand. So picture this:

But tiny and capable of hiding in your nooks and crannies.

Justin Rattner, you are a bad haircut, a lame accent and a cat away from becoming a James Bond villain.

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