Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Image Search: Robots of the 50s

Yet another in my series the results of random Google image searches. Today's phrase was Robots of the 50s, so be prepared for cool looking robos accompanied by my irrational suspicion of all things robotic.

Here's the results:

Awesome. Just awesome. This succeeds in being nostalgic and fetishistic all at the same time. Granted, a real-life robot would probably be coldly calculating whether or not to serve the pretty female.....or destroy her.

Look, I know robots are designed to be physically stonger than us, but there's no need to make them anatomically superior to man as well! And seriously, does the thing need to be rocket powered? Oh......wait....he's supposed to be in a rocketcar? Ohhhhhhhhh. 'Cause it looks like that's his....okay, moving on.

While these may be the most simplistic robot costumes ever built (they're made of cardboard, for the love of Mike), they are so retro awesome I had to include them. They remind me of the Ghostbusters proton pack my dad made for me one Halloween that was comprised of an empty Old Dutch potato chips box, some yellow nylon rope, a cardboard tube and lots of black electrical tape. I loved that thing.

Nuclear power is our friend, kiddies! Duck and cover!

That's right! Robots are evil! And they need Las Vegas showgirls! It's in Revelations, people!

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