Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Awesome Tale of Velocity Gnome

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I spend quite some time trolling the interwebs for things that scratch my nerd itch (sorry, that is one shitty turn of phrase). Well, I found a doozy just the other day that I want to share with as many people as possible, as I think it's a tale packed to the rafters with awesome and stuffed to the gills with rad.

This story is about an adventure that took an ordinary guy across the country on a mission to save the future. Seriously. It's one part prank, one part art project, one part theatre piece, and one of the most detailed and ingenious plans I've ever heard about that didn't involve a robbery or the military.

The story is told here, and while the tale is quite long, do yourself a favour, set aside ten minutes, and read it. I think you'll be as amused and amazed as I was. Go on, read it, I'll wait right here.

Done? Okay, how frickin' cool was that? The guys who planned that are both nuts and also insanely ingenious. They took a real gamble in that Kolin could have just as easily ignored it all, but obviously they chose the right guy. Just an amazing story, through and through.

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