Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Brand New Trek

So, I went and saw Star Trek this weekend, and I'm very happy to report that obviously all of you took my earlier warning to heart and were pretty quiet during the flick.

This will come as no shock to those that have been reading the overwhelmingly positive reviews, but it was a great film. It successfully captured everything about the original series that made it specials; the optimism, the frontier adventure, the humour, the spirit and heart. But it merges these somewhat nostalgic qualities with 21st century sensibilities, creating a film that feels at once modern while at the same time classic.

The script is well-done, even if it does fall back on the old Star Trek chestnut of time travel and alternate timelines. All of the characters feel right, and the dialogue they speak accomplishes what the best of Trek always did, keeping the people reliably human even while speaking the most ridiculous techno-babble. The story moves along like greased lightning, and the threat is more palpable than many of the other films in the franchise.

The cast is uniformly excellent, with special notice being given to the three central figures of the original series. Chris Pine gives a breakout performance as the young Kirk, perfectly capturing the character's daredevil courage, cockiness, and charm even while displaying a deeper nobility underneath. Karl Urban is pitch perfect as Bones, easily putting across the grumpy, earthy humanity of the man. Finally, Zachary Quinto has the hardest job in playing Spock. Not only is he playing arguably the most iconic role, but the man who originated the role is in the film as well! Quinto delivers the goods in spades, creating a different character to the original, but one that feels exactly right. And it's a treat to see Leonard Nimoy as Spock. Nimoy is a wonderful actor, always has been, and he steps back into the role with consummate ease.

Director JJ Abrams does a great job; the film moves along at a breakneck pace, employing some of the most impressive visual effects I've seen in a long time. It is far more action-packed, but is also character driven, which allows the film to retain its heart while still providing all the thrills you could want.

So, it's a great reboot for the franchise, and one that leaves me anxious to see more.

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