Monday, May 25, 2009

Dead Starship Captain to Play Norse God

According to Nikki Finke's historically accurate blog, Deadline Hollywood Daily, Star Trek actor Chris Hemsworth has been cast in the title role of Marvel Studio's eagerly anticipated Thor film.

For those who can't quite place the Australian actor, you probalby haven't seen Star Trek, where he gave a memorable performance as George Kirk, Captain Kirk's doomed dad. It was not the hugest role, but it had some weight to it, and Hemsworth made a sizable impact, considering. I thought he was pretty good in the role, and I remember thinking, "Who's this guy, and when will he do more?"

Well, it seems that Thor director Kenneth Branagh and Marvel agree:

Chris had read for the part of Thor but wasn't given a test because a casting director had nixed him early on. I'm told Chris' younger brother Liam...then tested for the role of Thor, but Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige passed. Then,... Feige decided to let Chris read again. And once Marvel put him on tape, it was "Oh my god". Branagh came to town last week and saw the Chris test and made the final casting decision today.

However, no word has come from Marvel confirming this, which, as MTV pointed out, is a little fishy. It's probably simply the fact that whoever winds up playing Thor will have to sign up for multiple films, which makes contract negotiations complex. However, that same article does confirm that Tom Hiddleston will be playing Thor's evil half-brother Loki. Here's a pic of Hiddleston:

That's a pretty good match for Loki:

So, now we've got our Thor and our Loki, so we're only days away from people photoshopping their faces onto pictures like this:

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