Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4 Clips That Will Probably Be More Fun than "Robin Hood"

You know, Robin Hood opens this weekend. And the more I see of it, the less I want to go see it. It's got a reasonably solid team behind it; I like Ridley Scott as a director, I like Russell Crowe most of the time, I think Cate Blanchett can pretty much do no wrong. But the whole thing looks like absolutely no fun at all. It look like a bleak historical trudge through mud with a Robin Hood that is as far away from Errol Flynn's entertaining derring-do as you can get. You know you're in trouble when a film with Kevin Costner looks more enjoyable than your film. Look at that picture of Crowe. It's like he's become incapable of being charming, isn't it?

Anyway, I thought I'd save you some cash and some time and present 4 clips of other Robin Hood associated things that should provide you with more fun than the upcoming film. Enjoy.

First up is the trailer for Robin & Marian, which was, like our current film, a revisionist story. But it was a good one. And by the way, Connery here is the same age as Crowe is today. Weird.

Next up we've got the opening credits to Disney's Robin Hood, and man, that is one catchy tune. I don't know how anyone can hear that thing and not hum it the rest of the day. Roger Miller was folksy master.

Here's the intro to an insane little cartoon series called Rocket Robin Hood. I used to watch it, and, yup, it makes as little sense all the way through as its theme song implies. Still, the jet packs are cool.

And finally, we have an exchange between Dave Chappelle and a character named Blinkin in Robin Hood: Men in Tights that still cracks me up to this day no matter how many times I watch it.


TimeLords said...

Agree with you on the new Robin Hood. For some reason just no desire to see it.

But why the hate for Robin Hood- Prince of Thieves? Costner at his peak, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Nick Brimble, Michael Wincott, and the always bombastic Brian Blessed. And Alan Rickman just chewed up the scenery as the Sheriff of Nottingham. Should it be noted as a film great? Or course not, but I remember it as a fun action flick. Get over that Costner played Robin with an American accent and admit your love.

Nerdlinger said...

Well, I wouldn't say that I hated Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, but I wouldn't call it a great film. You're right, it was fun. I'm just saying that Crowe's flick looks less than fun than that one, and that one wasn't a critical darling, that's for sure.