Monday, May 3, 2010

Class, Thy Name is Coco

Last night, 60 Minutes aired the first interview with Conan O'Brien since his ousting as host of The Tonight Show. I'm embedding the interview in two segments below because, it's incredibly rare that we get to see the pain in the eyes of someone who has attained their dream only to have it dashed to the rocks by a bunch of douche bags. Seriously, that's like seeing a rare white elk. Or a Unicorn. Or a Unicorn and a white elk humping to produce the rarest of all creatures, the White Elkicorn.

Seriously, the man is a class act. Yeah, I know he's limited by the legal agreement he had to sign. But you get the sense throughout that he's a guy with character that's been terribly hurt by this whole thing. He was led down the garden path by people he thought were friends and colleagues, and then he just got mercilessly shafted. As he states, he's okay, he's doing fine. But it's pretty heartbreaking to watch someone have to admit that he came this close to his lifelong dream, and then had it stolen away.

Also, he makes NBC, Leno and Jeff Zucker look like even bigger dicks than before, and who would have thought that was even possible? Rad.

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