Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back Off, Man, I'm a Scientist

So, the New York Public Library is currently facing the harshest budget cuts in their history, over $30 million. As a way of reminding people that reading books next to a guy that hasn't bathed in four months and has breath like he just swallowed a wet dog that had rolled in feces is a civic duty, the NYPL asked a group called Improv Everywhere to stage some sort of even at the library.

Take a look below. It is all kinds of awesome, and may very well be better than Ghostbusters 3.

and, folks, support your local library. Keep in mind that that smelly dude you sit next to there, he's the same dude updating the Wikipedia article you just used as a source for your history paper.

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TimeLords said...

That's friggin' great. I think I watched it 20 times before I had to go to bed.