Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gosling for Green Lantern - Expect Him to Kiss Sinestro in the Pouring Rain

So, the word over at Latino Review is that the Green Lantern film adaptation is moving full steam ahead. That is good news for a comic book fan like me, as I've long thought it was a natural for an amazing blockbuster flick. Want proof? See here.

Anyway, after countless rumours, including the Jack Black rumour, which was the most depressing bit of casting news I had ever heard, it seems like Warner's has got their thinking caps on.

Latino Review is saying that they have a trusted sources within Warner's, and that the studio is pursuing Ryan Gosling.

Gosling has a strike against him for a lot of guys out there, as he appeared in the ultimate chick flick The Notebook. I haven't seen the film all the way through, as it looked like tripe, but Gosling has given some awesome performances in some great films like The Believer, Half Nelson, and Fracture.

So, I think he can handle the role. Also, and this is a pipe dream that would never happen, but it would mean a Justice League movie could feature Gosling, Christian Bale and Brandon Routh.

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