Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Graysons

According to Variety, the CW network is preparing a TV series based on the early life of the original Robin, Dick Grayson.

This is from the article:

Just as Smallville focused on Clark Kent in the years before he became Superman, The Graysons will follow the world of Dick "DJ" Grayson before he takes on the iconic Robin identity and aligns himself with Batman.

Okay, first things first. You know what Dick Grayson was before he was Robin? A carny. No one wants to see a show abou carnies (sorry, producers of Carnivale, but I'm right). He was also eight years old. Smallville worked because, even if Clark wasn't wearing the costume, he was still frickin' super. Dick Grayson without training and gadgets and whatnot is........a kid.

The article doesn't comment on whether they're going to follow the comic book continuity and have "DJ" (which is possibly the only name more asshole-like than using the traditional "Dick") be part of a family of circus acrobats. It also seems to intimate that "DJ" (nope, still fucking lame) will be a teen.

So, if it's a teen show, what makes it different than 90210 or Gossip Girl or any other lame-ass teen show? If they make "DJ" (god, I 've gotta stop) fight crime or kick-ass, then why the hell does he even need Batman?

End result: It sounds lame. Lamer than even Smallville sounded when it debuted. By the way, I've never watched that show either.

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