Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mendes to direct Preacher

Remember back in August, when I reported on the demise of the Preacher TV pilot over at HBO? Well, it seems like the property still has people out there willing to adapt it into a moving picture, as Columbia just acquired the rights to the controversial comic book series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Columbia is setting up the project for Sam Mendes to direct.

Okay, now, Mendes is a weird fucking choice. I mean, he's a good filmmaker, I guess. American Beauty was good, if a little precious, and Road to Perdition was actually better, in my opinion. Jarhead, on the other hand.... He's got Revolutionary Road coming out this fall, which could be great.

Having said all of that, there is absolutely nothing in his resume that says that Preacher is something he would get or even be interested in. His films have been stately and elegant, not earthy and vulgar like the comic. It's just a weird choice to me.

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