Friday, October 3, 2008

Verily! Branagh doth seek to helm the Mighty Thor!

Variety has an article that tips that noted Shakespearean thespian (and possibly the only man to have slept with both Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham Carter. Take that, Tim Burton!) Kenneth Branagh is in talks to direct Thor for Marvel studios.

Branagh first gained fame in the UK as a hugely acclaimed stage actor before directing a critically beloved film version of Henry V while still in his 20s. He has gone on to direct films such as Dead Again, Peter's Friends, Sleuth and numerous adaptations of Shakespeare including an uncut, 4 hour version of Hamlet. He's never really directed a big action film, although Henry V did have some scenes of large scale action.

He's most well-known to American audiences for his appearances in Wild Wild West and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and his role in the upcoming Valkyrie.

No kidding, this guy is probably the greatest Shakespearean actor alive. He's very good director, as well. Now, can he deliver slam-bang action? Who knows? But at least Thor will sound good when he speaks in olde Englishe.

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